Blue Base is our Key Stage 1/2 class for pupils who are ready to access a more formal, academic curriculum. Pupils in this base access small group and independent work throughout their core morning sessions. There is a significant focus on independence and preparing pupils for mainstream learning within this base. There are key areas within this environment for pupils to develop their imagination, for example through the small world and creative writing stations. Pupils in this base access mainstream inclusion sessions for four full afternoons per week.

Green Base and Blue Base also have a day of ‘Café School’, as it is fondly known on Base! This is where our pupils access the community on a morning to go to a local shop and café. During the afternoon the pupils practise their life-skills through a variety of cooking activities, using the resources they have purchased that morning, and then serve these to an array of ‘customers’. These sessions are incredibly beneficial to our pupils, allowing them to embed their communication, maths and personal, social and emotional skills in real-life contexts.

Members of Staff

Oliver Margerison

Stacey Bird
(Level 2 LSA)

Junior Coleman


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