Keeping Children Healthy and Safe from Harm

Creating an environment of trust, nurturing confident, happy and caring children.

Richmond Hill Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and well-being of all our children and adults.

At Richmond Hill Academy one of our prime responsibilities is to ensure that all our children are safe at home and at school. We ensure this by making safeguarding everyone’s responsibility: staff, parents, visitors and children.

Working together and providing a safe environment enables our children to flourish and succeed.

If you have any concerns please TELL SOMEONE.

There are numerous policies in place to safeguard our children and to ensure that there is a consistent approach to safe practices throughout our school.

Policy Description
Child Protection All staff receive regular training. The school has a Designated Governor for Safeguarding. The child protection policy can be viewed on the Policies page.
Attendance Children’s attendance at school is monitored on a daily basis and notable absences or patterns of absences are followed up by Mrs Hills as our attendance officer.
Behaviour High standards of behaviour are expected in school. However, we know children do fall out from time to time. This will be dealt with sensitively by an adult and the children will be given time to explain what the problem is and helps the issue to be resolved. Children are actively aware of how positive discipline works in our school and why it is in place. Enabling everyone to be happy and keep safe.

We do not tolerate bullying at Richmond Hill Academy and work hard with children, parents and staff to ensure that any instances of bullying which may occur are resolved or dealt with swiftly. All staff adhere to our Anti-Bullying Timeline (click here to view). This ensures that parents can have confidence that any allegations of bullying will be taken seriously, investigated where necessary and that they will be receive feedback within 48 hours. Children are educated about what constitutes bullying and understand the importance of the words:


Curriculum We ensure through a balanced curriculum that the issues of healthy lifestyles and safety are taught.
E-Safety All children in school receive regular teaching about E-Safety as part of their computing sessions and in any area of the curriculum where they will be using a computer.
Health and Safety Everyone has a responsibility to ensure children and adults are able to work in a healthy and safe environment.
Complaints / Concerns If you have any concerns about your child or any aspect of school life, please let us know so that we can help resolve any issues. No problem is too small and can often be prevented from becoming a bigger issue. Parents can;

  • Make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher
  • Make an appointment to see a member of the Senior Leadership and the Principal team who will always be happy to arrange to meet you

The school is committed to working closely with parents/carers for the benefit of the children. If you feel an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction then you could contact the chair of the governing body, Cllr Peter Gruen, who can be contacted through the school office.

We all know that children do better and reach their full potential when school and families work closely together.

If you are worried that a child or young person is at risk or is being abused, report it.

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