Key Provisional Data tracks pupil’s attainment and will provide a measure of their progress enabling the academy to make strategic improvements. In the summer all pupils in Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 Year 2 and KS2 Year 6, complete statutory assessments. In the Early Years Foundation Stage this is the ‘profile’ which records the progress and attainment of children in all aspects of their learning in order to make a judgement of a ‘Good Level of Development’ prior to starting Year 1.

In Key Stage 1 year 2, children were assessed by their teachers in aspects of speaking and listening, reading and writing, maths and science. In Key Stage 2 pupils undertook externally marked tests in reading, maths and spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG). Writing was assessed internally in school.

Throughout school, pupils are regularly assessed in terms of attainment and their progress.

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Phonics Analysis – 2018/19
Early Years Outcomes Analysis – July 2019
Year 2 Outcomes Analysis – July 2019
Year 6 Outcomes Analysis – July 2019
Key Stage 2 Outcomes Analysis 2018-19