In May, we received confirmation that Leeds City Council SEND Programme Board approved our capital bid for £110,889.00 to improve the external play area for Rainbow Base.

We are delighted to share with you the designs in the photos below. The scheme will involve moving the current pedestrian entrance slightly lower down from its current position. This will mean that the external play area can spread across the whole area shown in the plan.

The existing play area close to the building is contained within high walls and fencing. We will open up this space and create a wonderful recreation area with equipment and resources specially designed with our children in mind, we will construct a canopy to provide shelter and shade alike and our new roadway will enable children to use their bikes and trikes freely.

Phase 1 of the works will be carried out during the summer holidays and will involve the formation of the new entrance/path and the playground area closest to the school. Phase 2 will involve the works to the larger area of the playground and will be carried out in early September.

We hope to relocate the existing play equipment and planters into the KS2 playground. We are currently discussing plans to invest in our playgrounds, and we will share those with you as soon as they are agreed.