It is with great excitement that we announce that from September 2018, Morley Newlands Academy will be joining with all other TGAT academies in working with a new catering partner, Taylor Shaw.

Who are Taylor Shaw?

Taylor Shaw are a leading education catering specialist, and currently operate in over 800 schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Their teams of experts will support our fantastic catering teams in delivering a brand new range of food and drink and breakfast, break and lunchtime.

Taylor Shaw’s key aim is to provide food that will fuel students and contribute to their wellbeing in our fantastic learning environment.

What changes should I know about?

From September, we will not be accepting cash payments, and will instead be using Parentpay, an online portal which you can use to pay for your child’s meals. You will have been given login details for this.

As with cash, it is obviously important to ensure that your account always has adequate funds so that your child can receive their meal every day.

The daily price of a school meal will be moving to £2.40 (£12 per week).

We will also be using FasTrak, a secure web-based portal, which allows you to view available meal options for the weeks ahead and select the meals you would like your child to eat. Pre-ordering the meals puts you in control of the meals provided to your child and allows the catering teams to reduce food waste in the academy.

What does this mean for my child?

Taylor Shaw will ensure that all students have access to a healthy and affordable choice to eat each day, with options to meet the needs of everyone, including those with notified special dietary requirements. All of our new menus will be fully compliant with the government’s School Food Plan.

If you currently provide your child with food from home, this is the perfect time to consider a school meal as an alternative, as our new menus will be highly popular with students and will offer good value for money. We know that Taylor Shaw will provide freshly prepared food, a nutritionally balanced diet and innovative menus.

There will be no changes to current arrangements for students entitled to free school meals, other than the daily allowance being increased to £2.40 each day.

We are sure that you will be as excited as we are to see the new menus which will be used from September.

Menu and Further Information

Autumn – Winter 2018 Menu
Letter From the Principal