On Monday 24th June all pupils who had competed in ‘The Gorse Games’ over this academic year, together with their teachers and coaches, were invited to a special Closing Ceremony at The Ruth Gorse Academy. It was a wonderful afternoon of speeches, presentations and entertainment. We enjoyed watching a Karate display and TRGA DAZL Dance troop.

Some of our pupils received special mentions for performance or effort in the various events, and our Basketball Team won a beautiful for Trophy for ‘Best Team.’ With the result already announced on Twitter, we knew we had won the games already, but receiving the enormous and incredibly beautiful, cut-glass trophy was very special. A massive thank you and congratulations to teachers and coaches who helped shape our teams this year and to all of our competitors for such an outstanding result.

The trophy is on display (pride of place) in our entrance hall, so please do check it out the next time you come in to school

Miss Rowe