Curriculum Overviews

At Richmond Hill Academy we are developing an inclusive, broad, rich and creative curriculum which will provide all our pupils with engaging, meaningful learning experiences to inspire, enthuse and challenge learning.  Our curriculum aims to identify opportunities for all pupils to apply their core knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics and Science across all subject areas and to develop enquiry and creativity, both individually and collaboratively.   Our cross curricular topics are planned half termly around a whole school theme which also links to a quality text for each class.  This is designed to promote a love of reading and learning. We aspire to encourage our pupils to engage in a range of extra-curricular activities, in particular sport, music, drama and dance.

We are preparing our pupils for life in modern British society by fostering in them attitudes and qualities which will enable them to become confident, caring, respectful and responsible citizens.  Our children are given a voice and will be involved in planning and decision making. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in a variety of ways through peer and independent learning opportunities.

At Richmond Hill Academy we are committed to creating and delivering a curriculum which is broad, balanced and truly aspirational for the 21st Century.  We will ensure that our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of all groups and individuals, and meets all statutory requirements. We consider that our curriculum offer, and the high standards of teaching we are developing, will contribute to the outstanding learning and achievement of our pupils. We strive in all aspects of school life to develop all our pupils and prepare them for the next stage of their education.  Our curriculum will enable Richmond Hill children to be successful and creative lifelong learners.